Briquetts are made of saw dust and/or wood chips. The raw material is dry and no additives (i.e. glue) are added. With use of high pressure these particles are pressed togehter. Pressure, heat and the natural ingredients of work together, so that a genuine natural wood fuel product stays at the end of the production. There are various sizes and forms available depending on the kind of the press line and matrix used.

Hardwood briquette


Type of timber:
Beech / Oak / Birch

Either genuine (only type of timber) or mixed.

The format / size depends on the matrix used.

The most common size looks like a brick and is generally called „RUF“. The name “RUF” refers to the manufactorer of the press maschine, which is the company RUF.

However, the format of the briquette says nothing about the caloric value of it. The caloric value depends on the density of the briquette and the type of timber (saw dust) pressed.

DIN 51731-Norm

Technical Data:
Size type „RUF“: 150 x 85 x 60 mm (depending to be changed).

ca. 1,0 kg/dm³

Caloric value:
ca. 5,2 kwh/kg

Moisture content:
unter 12%

ca. 0,5 Gew-%

10 kg per bag, 96 bags per pallet (960 kg/pallet).

Weitere Vorteile

  • only certified timber used
  • no additives used (i.e. glue)
  • 100% pure nature
  • it is a renewable eco friendly product – and is in a broader sense co2 neutral.

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