Wood pellets are shaped like little sticks and have diameter less than 25 mm. These kind of wood fuel has got the advantage that it can be used in automatic heating systems i.e. central heating for houses, commercial buildings etc..

Overlook wood pellet


Diameter, length:
D06: Ø 6 mm ± 1,0 mm. Length: 3,15 mm bis 40 mm
D08: Ø 8 mm ± 1,0 mm. Length: 3,15 mm bis 40 mm

DIN ISO 17225-2

Calorific Value:
Class A1: ca. 4,8 kwh/kg
Class A2: ca. 4,8 kwh/kg
Class B: ca. 4,8 kwh/kg

15 kg bag
1000 kg big bag


  • 100% pure Nature.
  • no additives used (i.e. glue)
  • easy to store in bunker and silos
  • perfect for automatic heating systems
  • it is a renewable eco friendly product – and is in a broader sense co2 neutral.

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