List of products: Firewood

Type of timber:
Beech (genuine)
Hardwood mixed (Beech, Oak, Ash)
Leafwood mixed (Beech, Oak, Ash, Birch, Alder)

Length of piece:
25 cm, 33 cm

Moisture content:
green/fresh (Moisture content above 30%)
25% (semi dry)
< 20% (dry)

We supply firewood 20% MC and below (dry). Though we are very carefull and our producers are very skilled, there is always a chance that some pieces are above 20% even when the majority of the shipment is dry (<20%). This circumstance results in the nature of the product. It’s timber, it’s nature and each piece of wood is different and not every piece of firedwood drys as good and as fast as the others. Therefore we allow max. 10% of each shipment to be above 20% MC. In other words, we don’t accept claims resulting in moisture content above 20% if they volume of the claimed pieces is max. 10% of the shipment.

1 rm Box (loose, staked)
1,8 rm Box (loose, staked)
12,5 dm³ Sack (loose, sacked)